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Black And Decker Electric Griddle With Warming Tray

Black And Decker Electric Griddle With Warming Tray

Warming trays are a new feature to many electric griddles, and they are great additions. The Black and Decker griddle has one, plus a large  cooking surface.  This is one of our favorite value priced electric griddles.  With an extra large surface and a warming tray, you will find that this griddle has a lot of bang for the buck.

Black And Decker Family Sized Electric Griddle

An Extra Large Cooking Area Handles A Lot Of Food!

This is a REALLY large cooking surface.  At 24″ X 13″, it is one of the largest surfaces available on any electric griddle.  312 square inches will handle a lot of food at one time.  You can get multiple servings of different foods on this surface, a great feature for those times that you need to cook for a lot of people.

Despite having a large cooking area, this appliance does a great job of keeping the temperature very consistent all over the surface.  Hot spots happen on lower quality non-stick surfaces, they just aren’t made to handle high heats very well.  Black and Decker use heavy and durable materials to make the surface, then coat it with a very good non-stick treatment.  The result is a griddle that cooks foods thoroughly and evenly.

We LOVE The Warming Tray

Black And Decker Electric Griddle Built In Warming Tray

Even with a large cooking surface, there are times that some foods are done before others.  That’s where the warming tray comes in.  Tucked neatly under the right front side of the grill, this easy to use tray slides out easily, allowing you to put foods in it, slide back while staying warm, making it ready when you need it.

The power cord and heat unit is one piece and simple to detach when you are finished cooking.  Many units come with short power cords but this one is nice and long.

Clean Up Is A Breeze


Black And Decker Warming Tray Electric Griddle

Clean up is a snap.  Both the warming tray and the drip tray slide out and can right into the dishwasher.  It doesn’t get much easier than that.  The surface is cleaned with a wet towel with soap and water and the whole unit fits nicely into a cupboard.

This electric griddle is a very good value at under $40.  You get an oversized cooking area plus a warming tray and the unit is made by Black and Decker, a very well respected name.  It is truly a good value.

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