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Cooking Bacon On An Electric Griddle

Cooking Bacon On An Electric Griddle

Some people think that electric griddles were created just for cooking bacon. That may not be true, but they are the perfect tool for cooking bacon.  With no sides like those found on a skillet, the electric griddle makes it easy to flip bacon while cooking, then push the grease off of the griddle into the drip tray.  What could be easier?

There’s nothing quite like that feeling of that first bite of a fresh, hot bacon. There s something almost primal in a man’s soul that craves that warmth, that crunch, that delicious pleasure that only a small slice of cured pork can provide. As I have often said, there is little that tastes better than the combination of food and bacon. Not only is it my personal favorite but for many reasons, I believe bacon is one of the best foods on earth. At first glance, the notion seems a bit strange. After all, aren’t eggs and toast better than bacon?


Electric Griddles Were Made For Cooking Breakfast

While I love eggs and toast, I will admit there is nothing quite like the combination of the two when prepared properly (as well as when served warm). There is nothing quite like that first great spread of  golden brown cheese over your omelet, ready to whisk away any excess grease before its fluffy texture takes over your taste buds. Yes, while cleaning up that bacon grease after cooking bacon in a skillet, but don’t overlook a frying pan and a baking sheet; for some quick simple slices, think a cast iron skillet is your best bet; but if cooking a pound or so of bacon for an impressive weekend brunch or a whole load of breakfast bacon add-ins, then oven baked bacon convert is your best bet. After flipping, testing, chopping and stirring, I guarantee you that your bacon will come out crispy and golden-brown, not to mention delicious. So easy, so tasty, so quick to prepare and so healthy, what are you waiting for?

When cooking bacon, always remember that cooking time may vary depending on the type of bacon used. Always grease up your cooking area and use a non-stick frying pan or an electric griddle to prevent your bacon from sticking to your cookware. Remember to flip your strips after cooking to ensure even cooking. Before you know it, you will have that perfect piece of bacon, guaranteed to be the talk of the neighborhood.

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