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Cuisinart Griddler

Cuisinart Griddler

One of the most respected names in kitchen appliances and tools is Cuisinart. This USA based company was one of the first to bring food processors to the market, and they have continued to add well made small home kitchen appliances to their roster. One of their best selling tools is a new style of electric griddle called The Griddler.

While The Griddler may look like a panini press, it is much more than that. And while it doesn’t look like a traditional electric griddle, it does all of the things that a griddle can do, along with the ability to grill foods and press paninis.

A Compact Kitchen Appliance

This unit doesn’t take up much space, either on your countertop or in a cupboard. The base is 16″ x 13.75″ and when folded, the entire unit is only 8″ high. However, when the lid is opened and used as an additional cooking surface, you have a cooking surface of almost 425 square inches. That is one of the great things about this griddle. The lid will open up and become a second cooking surface, doubling the amount of cooking area. Or, you can use the lid as a sandwich press or to sear the top of steaks, chops or chicken.

The griddles are removable and reversible, making it easy to flip from a flat griddle surface to a grilling surface. They are heavy duty and can handle temperatures up to 475 degrees. Plus, to make clean up so much easier, you can remove both griddles and put them in the dishwasher. Clean up has never been easier!

A Very Well Made Electric Griddle And Grill

Obviously the griddles are heavy duty, but so is the base of this unit. Made from stainless steel, the casing is very tough and will withstand everyday kitchen use with ease. Included is a scraping tool that fits perfectly between the ridges on the grill side of the cooking plates. Like the cooking plates, this tool is also dishwasher friendly.

The controls are very simple to use. An LCD readout is on the front panel and the rest of the control panel is well marked. Setting the temperature, timing the cooking and any other task is very simple to program. Most of the time it is just a matter of turning on the appliance.

More Versatile, But A Bit More Expensive

You can usually get a very good electric griddle for under $50. It will do exactly what you expect it to do and will work well. This appliance will cost you more, but you have so many more cooking options. The extra cost is well worth the extra flexibility to cook more foods easily. It’s a well made unit and is well worth the price.

Cuisinart Electric Griddler
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