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Finding A Good Spatula Turner

Finding A Spatula Flipper

Is it a turner or a flipper? Or is it a spatula? All three are correct and that is where the confusion comes in. What do you need for your electric griddle?

Let’s start out with what you want this kitchen utensil to do for you.  Many times, when you needed to flip a pancake or a burger, you thought you would grab a spatula and turn it.  You are talking about a tool that you want to use to flip food.  Yes, this too is commonly called a spatula.  It is also called a spatula turner, a flipper and a food flipper.  When you go to a cooking store, all three descriptions may be used to describe the very same tool.

A Spatula Turner Flipper?

For the ease of discussion, we are going to call this tool a spatula and remember that we are talking about the spatula that is a food flipper.  When you are cooking with your electric griddle, you will be flipping food over quite often.  It may be pancakes, it may be burgers, it may be eggs.  Whatever the food, you will need to turn it over so that it can cook evenly on both sides.  This requires a spatula and because your griddle has a non-stick surface, that spatula can’t be metal.

There are three materials that can be used to make a spatula that is safe for the surface on your electric griddle.  Metal and aluminum utensils will scratch and tear non-stick surfaces, making them unworkable.  When you tear or scratch a non-stick surface, the coating starts to peel.  This exposes the metal beneath the coating, a surface that wasn’t meant to be cooking food.  Not only will the food stick, it will pick up tastes from the metal.

A Silicone Spatula

T Fal Silicone Spatula

Silicone is a bit of a wonder material.  It is heat resistant, it’s flexible, it won’t scratch metal and you can toss it safely in the dishwasher when you need to clean it.  Silicone spatulas will work great on your non-stick electric griddle.  Food won’t stick to it and it won’t harm the cooking surface.

A Wooden Spatula

Wooden Kitchen Spatulas

Wooden spatulas are quite as common as silicone, but they can do just as good a job.  They will be a bit bulkier than silicone and the bend in the handle won’t be as pronounced.  Wood also takes a bit more care and you usually can’t put them in the dishwasher.  However, wood won’t harm a non-stick surface.

A Ceramic Spatula

Ceramic Spatulas

Less common but almost as effective as silicone is ceramic.  Ceramic is a non-metallic material and it works very well in the kitchen.  Like silicone, food won’t stick to it, it won’t scratch your non-stick surface and it goes right into the dishwasher.  It can crack and it’s not flexible like silicone.

You have spent good money on your electric griddle.  Make sure to keep the surface smooth and unbroken by using spatulas for food turning that are made from the right materials.

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