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Grill Up Some Hamburgers

Grilling Hamburgers

Grilling hamburgers is something almost everyone does at least once in their lives. The reason: everybody wanted to know how to cook a good burger. People thought they were born to be grill masters and bragged about cooking them at home. Many of my friends began to ask about how they were grilling hamburgers in their new electric griddles after going to parties where they ate burgers with their buddies.

Grilling Burgers On An Electric Griddle

Hamburgers are a meat, which means you need to cook them in varying degrees of temperatures. It’s best to cook them on a hot grill (be sure to flip them over before placing the top of the meat on). In general most people think cooking hamburgers is very easy, but the truth is the entire process takes time and preparation. To begin the entire process, you need to assemble your ingredients before starting the grilling process. It doesn’t matter if you have fresh hamburger meat, buns, sauces, dressings, anything, just as long as it is ready to go when you are ready to start cooking.

Grilling Steaks And Hamburgers

Most people go the extra mile and buy steaks for grilling. I would suggest against this, as it takes up unnecessary space and isn’t as healthy as the burger meat alone. You can purchase steaks at the store, but the best option is to buy them from a butcher. They are usually perfectly trimmed, so all you have to do is start cooking. Another plus to these electric griddles is that they cook extremely fast. Depending on how many you are grilling at one time, you may find yourself finishing your meal in just a few minutes.

When cooking hamburgers using gas or charcoal, the key is to always monitor the cooking of the meat to ensure that it cooks thoroughly and doesn’t blacken. This can be accomplished by putting a piece of paper over the coals before you turn the burner on. The coals will absorb the smoke from the paper, and the actual cooking process won’t be nearly as bad. The best way to know when the coals are ready is to flip them over and wait to see if the bottom of the hamburger comes out clean.

Hamburgers should be cooked on both sides, but some people choose to grill their meats on one side and leave the other untouched. The reasoning behind this is simply because that is what they prefer to do. Personally, I like to grill hamburgers and use the flip method. What you want to do is flip your burgers over, and then continue grilling.

For even more fun with grilling hamburgers, you can use a tinfoil steamer to duplicate the grilling of golden brown, juicy hamburger patties. Simply place patties in between two pieces of aluminum foil, cover the patties with aluminum foil and put them in the grill. Although this method takes longer, the flavor of the meat is well-protected and the patties get cooked quickly. Once your patties are done, you can transfer them to the bun or to your plate for that easy meal that doesn’t require any fancy accessories!

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