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Hamilton Beach 3 In 1 Electric Griddle

Hamilton Beach 3 In 1 Electric Griddle

Electric griddles are, by design, extremely useful small kitchen appliances. They utilized a good sized, flat surface for easy cooking of all types of foods. The lack of an rim around the edge, such as those found on skillets, makes turning and moving the food around an easy task. Plus, clean up is easy, meaning you don’t spend too much time after you are done with your cooking.

The Hamilton Beach 3 In 1 Griddle Grill with reversible grates goes on step further in making itself convenient in the kitchen. There are two cooking plates instead of one solid surface. One side is the traditional smooth, non-stick surface, the other side is a grill surface. That means that you can use onside to make foods that are prepared on a smooth surface, such as eggs or hash browns while using the other side to grill hamburgers or steaks.

Grill And Griddle With The Same Appliance

By having two types of cooking surfaces, you now have an appliance that allows you to grill and griddle at the same time. While you can cook a steak or a pork chop on a traditional electric griddle, the grill surface allows you to cook in a way that raises the food up from the surface. The grease will flow away from the food and the grills help give meat a seared coating with grill marks.

There are two separate cooking zones with this electric griddle, giving you a lot of flexibility when cooking. Some foods require higher heats for proper cooking and this unit allows you to set one side on a higher temperature, while the other side is at a lower heat.

Both cooking surfaces channel grease easily into the drip pan. This makes cleaning quite easy and the drip pan itself can go right into the dishwasher. The cooking griddles come off for easy cleaning as well. Just use warm water and soap, the are easier to clean than a single surface electric griddle.

While this unit is a bit more expensive than a single surface electric griddle, it offers quite a bit more flexibility when it comes to cooking. Now, almost any food that can be prepared on the stove top can be done with this griddle grill combination. Even though you will pay a bit more, you will find yourself using this appliance more often than a traditional electric griddle. Overall, it is a very good value. It’s well made, easy to clean and store, and works very well.

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