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Presto Cool Touch Electric Griddle

Presto Cool Touch Electric Griddle

One of the best selling electric griddles is the Presto Cool Touch. No only does it have a very large cooking surface, but the handles stay cool while you are using the griddle.  That may not sound like much, but far too often cooks find themselves burning their fingers when moving their griddles.  Hot handles don’t do anything except burn and this kitchen appliance uses a design that avoids handles getting too hot.

Well Made With A Non-Stick Surface

Right away you will notice that this is a solid, well made appliance.  The base is made from heavy cast aluminum, making it almost indestructible.  Many cheaper griddles use metal alloys for the base, it helps keep the cost down.  The problem with those materials is that they aren’t as strong or durable.  This is an appliance the you will move around often and you want to have a solid platform to make sure it won’t break after multiple uses.

Reviewing The Presto Cool Touch Electric GriddleAs with any electric griddle, it’s the cooking surface that is important.  You are going to be using this appliance to cook with and the cooking surface is critical.  Here again, the Presto Cool Touch shines.  The cooking surface is 10 1/2″ X 16″, giving you a lot of room for making good sized meals at once.  168 square inches of cooking surface is considered very large for an electric griddle and you will be surprised at how much food comfortably fits on the griddle.

A very good non-stick coating is used on this surface and you will appreciate how easily food releases from it.  Even if you make a food that is sticky, it will release very easily from this griddle surface.

Amazingly Easy To Clean Up

Nobody likes cleaning up after they cook.  Yes, they made the mess but once the meal is prepared you feel like you should be done.  That’s why we recommend this griddle so highly, the clean up is amazingly easy.  The drip tray pops out and can go right into the dishwasher.  It’s made from very durable plastic that is every easy to clean.

However, the really unique aspect of this griddle is the ability to put the entire unit in a full sink of hot water or even your dishwasher.  Just remove the power source cord (that seems only basic) and then you can clean the rest of the appliance in the sink or the dishwasher.  Most electric griddles won’t survive that type of cleaning, you have to be quite careful when it comes to wiping them off and cleaning the surface.

The question then is-should you buy this griddle?  Yes!  For the price, it is one of the best electric griddles on the market.  The Presto brand is well known and their quality is excellent.  You can usually find this griddle for less that $40 and it will last a very long time.  It will do everything that you would ask a griddle to do.

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