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Scramble Eggs On An Electric Griddle

Cooking Scrambled Eggs

One of the first things that people cook on their new electric griddles are scrambled eggs. This is the perfect appliance for making scrambled eggs.  With no sides to contend with, like the one on your skillet, you don’t have to work so hard to move the eggs.  This keeps them from breaking up and helps give you fluffier eggs when you are finished.  An electric griddle was made for scrambling eggs.

Scrambled Eggs On An Electric Skillet

Easy Scrambled Eggs On A Griddle

One of my absolute favorite things to cook is making scrambled eggs. There is just something about cooking eggs in my slow cooker that makes me so happy. Of course, I have made them many times before and they are always a big hit when you have guests over. It is such a fun and easy way to make a healthy meal and have people eating right along with you. Here are some of my favorite tips for how to make scrambled eggs on your electric griddle.

First, if you’re making scrambled eggs for breakfast use an electric griddle that has a very low heat so that the eggs don’t cook too fast. Also, remember to use a non-stick pan and a perfectly smooth silicone spatula to move the skillet around to spread the egg mixture evenly. It would be really hard to get good results if there are any lumps or rough spots in the egg batter.  Don’t add water to your egg mixture, milk is always better.

For added flavor I like to add dried onions, chopped dill, and shredded pepper to the mix. If you want to make the scrambled eggs taste even better you can season them with cheddar cheese and parsley. In order to cook your scrambled eggs perfectly you need to make sure that your pan is extremely hot, and then you stir the mixture constantly to prevent it from burning. When it looks set, take the eggs off of the skillet and plate them up immediately.  Don’t overcook, they will become quite rubbery.

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