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The ATGRILLS Electric Griddle

ATGrills Electric Griddle

The ATGrill Electric Griddle is one of the more interesting electric griddles on the market today. One of the key features of any electric griddle is the non-stick surface, it is designed to make cooking easy. ATGrill goes one step further and has a handmade stone-derived grill surface. This means that you have the ease of a non-stick surface with the heat conduction of stone, making for a very good cooking surface.

Why does this matter? The stone in the surface makes this appliance much more durable and long lasting. The surface will last for up to four times longer than traditional non-stick surfaces, commonly called Teflon surfaces. Teflon is a brand name but most people refer to non-stick surfaces as Teflon.

Able To Handle High Temperatures

The other benefit of this type of surface is the ability to handle higher temperatures over long periods of time. While medium temps are used for most griddle cooking, you will want to be able to crank the heat for a few dishes. Luckily, this appliance can easily handle temps in excess of 425 degrees for long periods of time.

The non-metal handles are made from Bakelite and don’t get hot, even if the griddle has been on for a while. This allows you to move the appliance while cooking, or grab a handle while turning foods. The drip tray is easy to remove and clean, you can just toss it into the dishwasher. Clean up for the griddle itself is typical of an electric griddle. The surface wipes clean with soap and water, as does the base. It’s never recommended to submerge an electric appliance into a sink filled with water.

From a cost standpoint, you will pay a bit more for this griddle than others. You can usually find this appliance for under $55, making it about $15 more expensive than some electric griddles. However, the unique cooking surface is well worth the extra money, especially if you are planning on using your griddle a lot. It is a very well made unit and should last you for many years of heavy use.

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